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    Amy Rose


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    Amy Rose

    Post  sonicbrawler on Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:16 pm

    Amy Rose is here

    I know that the Amy Files are already an Amy Project. Well I got the files and am one of the people in-charge. So I thought It would be better to make a new thread.

    Amy Running

    Wait 3

    Height Difference

    Get back here my darling Sonic! Now there is no way out of marrying me!

    Planned Move Ideas: - Subject to change! [x] = need idea
    A- she punches with her right hand(Thanks to Dragon_of_Sky)
    AA- she punches with her left hand(Thanks to Dragon_of_Sky)
    AAA- she does an upper cut(Thanks to Dragon_of_Sky)
    A Up Tilt - Amy quickly raises her hands, lifting the opponent into the air.
    A Forward Tilt - [x]
    A Down Tilt - [x]
    A Up Smash - Spins around (like on ice skating on masatowg).
    A Forward Smash - Amy does a powerful swing of her hammer.
    A Down Smash - Amy swings her hammer and hits the ground
    Dash Attack (Running A)- Same as Luigi's
    Neutral Air - [x]
    Up Air - Amy blows a kiss upward, creating a damaging heart above her head
    Forward Air - Amy swings her hammer attempting to meteor smash (kinda like Mario's)
    Down Air - Amy smashes the air downwards with her hammer.
    Back Air -Amy performs a quick back kick. (Like Sonic's)
    Neutral B - Like Mario's except horizontally and with her hammer.
    Up B -She smashes the ground with her Piko Piko hammer, and vaults into the air.
    Up B Air - pink typhoon (air) sonic battle. amy spins and a pink tornado apears under her, shooting her upward, with moderate control
    Side B -Similar to the Ice Climber's Spinning, except if it come in contact, the only difference is hearts appear.
    Down B - Amy goes inter her Healing animation and heals 3% a second or two.
    Final Smash - [x]
    Up Taunt- Amy faces the Camera and blows a kiss at it
    Left/Right Taunt- Amy puts her right hand on her hip, leans forward a bit, sticks her left hand out, and moves her fingers back and forth. Basically the same Idea as Fox's Come On! taunt.
    Down Taunt- She takes out her hammer in her right hand, and either 1)flips it fully around in the air 1 time, or 2)flips it around and makes it land in her left hand. They bother end in her putting the hammer away.
    Pummel- Kicks enemy.(DeeNinjaa)
    Up throw- She lets go of them, then smash them upwards with her hammer
    Down throw- Same as up throw, but downwards.
    Forward throw- Like Mario's back throw, except she uses her hammer instead of grabbing them.
    Backwards throw- Amy quickly spins to face that direction, then serves them (like in a volleyball match) with her hammer
    Entrance-Amy's Animation when you select her as a character from Sonic Adventure.
    Lose- Amy claps

    Some final smash ideas!

    Just Wait A Minute - Straight from Sonic Adventure 2. She freezes time. (althought nullifying all other's players controls would be much better, if possible)
    Rage- Amy gets all red and makes an explosion from rage. Takes up half the stage.
    -Amy (in the direction she is facing) spams (and throws) a lot of hammers. Kind of liek Mario's FS, but different in many ways

    Most Recently Done Animations

    Alternate Costumes

    SonictheHedgehog02-Me. PSA and some animations
    turboacek- Alternate Textures
    GeminiCrossFade- SFX (Later though, not now)
    Thewill - Animations
    kcanon- Animations
    SmashHackers- Animation, Kirby Hat

    If you would be so nice to donate a dollar to me, this would show your appreciation to my brawl hacking, and would tell me that you would like me to keep hacking. Please donate to this link:

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    K- Canon

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    Re: Amy Rose

    Post  K- Canon on Mon Jul 18, 2011 4:32 pm

    how far?

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    Re: Amy Rose

    Post  Shadow1794 on Mon Jul 18, 2011 6:33 pm

    I dont want to push I just want to know if she will have the hammer?

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    Re: Amy Rose

    Post  PKIvysaur on Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:06 am

    ^^ YAY!

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    Re: Amy Rose

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