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    Character Stage Ideas!


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    Character Stage Ideas!

    Post  PKIvysaur on Mon Sep 05, 2011 3:51 pm

    Title says all
    i list my thoughts for each character(s) and there designated stge

    the brstm should be there theme
    MOst of theese characters are be done already

    Sonic: sea side hill or,CITY ESCAPE

    Tails: The tornadoe from sa2b flying arouns sea side hill with rotating background

    Knuckles : thanks to cutter kirby there isnt one ^_^

    Amy Rose: pending... Amy's room???

    Cream: flower feild, or outside her house

    Big: out side hi shouse in sonic adventure dx

    Silver: already done. crisis city is on the vault


    Dr. Eggman: eggman land

    Metal sonic: death egg zone

    Shadow: Dooms day zone or radical high way (wich is done)

    Rouge: G.U.N. emerald vault from SA2B

    Charmy espio and vector: G.U.N. HQ

    Fang: Casino night zone (sonic the fighters)

    Bean: Sonic the fighters stage

    Honey the cat: SUNSET HILL

    Super Sonic: Perfect chaos (done)

    Super silver: Solaris battle (solaris in back ground)

    Super Shadow: the final boss from SA2B

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